Lyme Brain

So I have been up since roughly 3 a.m. with a mind that will not shut off.  I had a major Lyme brain moment around 5-ish, because I meant to post the following update on Stuck in the Lymelight, but somehow ended up posting to my personal Facebook page instead.  I can’t wait until the sleepless nights and fogginess are behind me!!

Wide awake thinking of last minute details for Germany. Probably exactly what I am not supposed to be doing -missing sleep. This is such a scary adventure we are off on. I wish so badly we didn’t have to do this, but the option of doing nothing is even scarier. I guess sometimes life takes away the option of playing it safe and leaves you with the only choice left, to be brave. Upward and onward I suppose. Two weeks from today we will be leaving on a jet plane.

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