Four IV bags this morning, IV held up for all. I have one more tonight so fingers are crossed.
Today is my “prep day” for my last hyperthermia which is tomorrow. I had a blood test this morning, and was only allowed breakfast. After breakfast was completed (no later than 10) all that I am allowed is clear vegetable broth, water and tea.
We walked across the street to the Coca Cola Christmas Truck this afternoon. It must be a pretty cool event because there were a ton of people! Our problem was we couldn’t understand anything they were saying or singing. It was still neat to observe the tradition for a few minutes though!
They make sure your colon is extra squeaky clean before going in to the big bake. Friday had the joy of the colonic and now today they made me drink a whole pitcher of Klean Prep. Good times have been had today! Tomorrow morning before I head into the hyperthermia procedure room they will also come in and give me an enema. Squeaky clean I tell ya!!
I am super excited that chances are tomorrow will kill off any lingering Lyme spirochetes for me and Chloe on Tuesday. It’s becoming so real that we will be leaving here to go home in just a matter of days and be Lyme FREE!!!



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