Our last night at the Klinik

What a long journey this has been! Coming to a foreign country and spending two weeks in a hospital here has definitely not been easy. We have had tears, dealt with cultural and language differences along with hefty homesickness and pretty invasive procedures. As we sit here all packed up on our last night here, as hard as it was we all agree it was necessary and worth it.
We are so grateful for the klinik and the work they are doing here. They are truly giving people their lives back!
Like I said, it wasn’t a cake walk- Chloe is suffering a pretty painful burn from the last round of hyperthermia and the hyperthermia sessions have caused some nerve damage in my arm resulting in numbness of my left hand. But Chloe’s burn and my nerve will both heal and we are so glad to be able to head back home without those nasty Lyme spirochetes running rampant through our bodies.
Once we get home I will be posting our pre and post Lyme tests on here.
Thank you to everyone for supporting us on our journey! Tomorrow we leave to Munich and Friday morning we fly HOME!!! ❤️❤️❤️

My last IV here!

A rainy last night in Bad Aibling!

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