So far, so good!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We spent a quiet and relaxing one with family, so glad to be home!!

I wanted to give a quick update on how things are going.

Chloe is still seizure free and is feeling really good! Her main complaint right now is the massive amounts of pills we are required to take. It makes me happy that that’s the worst of things for her! 🙂

I’m having some trouble with my left hand still. It is kind of swollen and misshapen with periods of being really hot. It alternates being either numb or painful. I went in to my dr today and she confirmed the nerve damage diagnosis but also believes that I could have either sprained or broke it one of the many times I caught it or whacked it on something while numb. She has me treating it as a sprain for now and will readdress on Monday if it isn’t improved.
As far as lyme symptoms go, I am so happy to report that I am already seeing a huge improvement in my brain fog and joint pain. I am still tiring really easily and feeling overall wiped out but the fact that I’m not feeling as if I’m walking around in a daze is huge!!! It’s the most clear I have felt mentally in years!! Whooo hooo!!!


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