My “Why”

Why did I choose to go to Germany and put myself and my 13 year old daughter through this treatment? My quality of life had been deteriorating for six years and my daughter was having seizures daily when we were diagnosed with Lyme. At first there was almost a sense of relief to have a name to put on this thing that had been slowly killing us for so long. If you know what it is you can fix it right? Then the other shoe dropped. I was told lyme was incurable. At best we could treat it and experience remission. The idea of living our lives in fear of a relapse did not sit well with me.

We started the very long and arduous process of treatments, hoping for at best, remission. As we did so, I began conducting my own research. I first heard about Klinik St George last Spring . With each treatment that failed, (oral antibiotics, PICC lines, herbal protocols, etc) I would put even more effort into trying to poke holes in the klinik’s methods. It had to be too good to be true right? I spent literally hundreds of hours researching. Our options in the U.S. began to dwindle while at the same time the one on Germany became a more obvious answer. I have read all of the reasons people said it wouldn’t work, wasn’t safe, etc. I also was able to find solid research to dispel all of these arguments. I can assure everyone that there is no way on earth I would put my daughter through hyperthermia if there was any doubt in my mind about the safety or effectiveness of the method. Nor would we invest over $50,000 for the two of us into something that we didn’t feel was a for sure thing.

I decided to document my experience via this blog to tell my story. If it inspires others with Lyme to make their own journey to Germany, I think that’s great. I’m happy to guide and give information about my experience. I do not believe it is necessary to live with Lyme disease, and believe that my daughter and myself are living proof of this, along with the countless other former patients I have spoken with.

What this blog is not, is me offering medical advice to anyone or promoting the klinik for any personal gain. I am not a representative of the klinik, nor do I stand to profit in any way from others going there. I want to help others. That is all.

What it is, is me sharing my perspective and experience. I received a message on here this last week from someone who had been directed to my page by a friend. After hearing about my story, they had an “extensive conversation” on a lyme forum online. The message was them telling me this, wishing us the best and then warning me that Chloe and I were going to relapse in a few months. This message was disheartening to me, but not because I fear a relapse in any way. (For one, the science just isn’t behind it.) It was disheartening because I felt that I then needed to defend my decision and the treatment method entirely. As I started to respond, I thought better. It isn’t my job to convince others of the effectiveness or of the process at all. One conversation on a forum does not counteract my own personal experience or the numerous months of extensive research I have compiled. I am sharing my story to document just that- my story. Chloe and I are both doing fantastic. I’m doing things I haven’t been able to do in years. We are only a few weeks out from treatment and already have been given so much of our lives back. I look forward to the end of the six month recovery and being back to ourselves. Until then, I will continue to share MY STORY.

2 thoughts on “My “Why”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience of your treatment at the Klinik. I as a fellow Lymie appreciate your honesty in sharing your and your daughters stories. I continue to pray for your and all of our recoveries. I have shared your story with my husband and weekly he asks me if I’ve read anymore about the lady that went to Germany. Thank you and I wish you continued healing.


  2. You know I love you. You also know that there will always be skeptics and naysayers. You did what YOU had to do for your family, your health and your mental well being. Don’t focus on the “what ifs” that may, or may not, happen. If you have six months of health, live life to the fullest.


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