We have been home for over a month-

Tomorrow it will be five weeks that we have been home. In some ways it feels much longer than that but in other ways it feels like we just left the klinik a few days ago.
My veins have decided they are completely done. I attempted the Vitamin C IV that is part of the protocol and they just failed miserably. After two attempts and my arm swelling to softball size, my doctor and I decided we need another plan of attack.
I contacted the klinik and was so happy that Dr.Kroiss my favorite doctor there, emailed me back. His first suggestion was a PICC line but I’ve been there done that with bad complications last summer. From what I understand from my doctor here, my only options left are a surgical port or liposomal forms of the supplements. Once I told him I’m unable to to a PICC, Dr.Kroiss suggested I take liposomal Vitamin C and give the IVs of glutathione a try since they are much less harsh on the veins. So that’s our new plan!
I must say, I think I am doing exceptionally well for not having the IVs to assist in recovery thus far. Each day my stamina increases and people are beginning to comment that I look healthier than I have looked in a very long time. The area I’m struggling with now is to not overbook myself. I am feeling so much better and have missed out on so much that I catch myself wanting to go, go, go! Last weekend I went to an event Friday evening, took a road trip to another event Saturday morning, and attended a rodeo Saturday night. This was probably a little too much for me. I had a lot of fun but was really wore out for the next few days!
I still do not have feeling in one half of my left hand. I mentioned this to Dr.Kroiss in my email and he has suggested increasing some of the supplements I’m taking to aid in faster nerve healing. It is improving slowly, I can use my hand a bit now where before it was totally useless. I will be happy to aid the nerves in speeding up their recovery time though!
So here we are- over a month out and I still have had an overall positive and successful experience. As for Chloe, she is doing even better than I am. She is still seizure free and is able to be active. We are thrilled she is able to just be a 13 year old finally without worrying about feeling sick or having seizures constantly.

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