Learning to live again

Things are still going great. Chloe is doing wonderful! This week she registered to start high school next year. Before going to Germany, the idea of high school caused a lot of anxiety for Chloe because she was struggling to keep up with middle school due to her seizures and not feeling well. Now it’s a whole different story! She’s very excited and has signed up to take Bio Med first quarter.

I learned a valuable lesson this week. I may be feeling fantastic, but I need to learn to take it slow and give myself time to build back up. I used to love running, but wasn’t able to do it for the last six months before Germany. I didn’t have the muscle strength and would hurt for days after trying.
My treadmill was calling my name on Wednesday, so I hopped on did a hard and fast three miles. This would have been a piece of cake back in the day, but it was too much for me at this point. I felt great while running, and was definitely able to do it no problem, but spent the rest of the day sick and throwing up. I took yesterday off but am getting ready to hop back on now for another go- just at a slower pace.

It makes me so happy to have something I love and had to give up back in my life! Each day I feel a little stronger. I’m so very thankful to be finding the healthy version of me again.

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