TMI Time!

Before treatment, gluten was my enemy. Any time I would eat it, really bad things would happen- (here comes the TMI part). I would have diarrhea, bloating, burping and even vomiting sometimes.
I was told I had celiac, then no I didn’t after an endoscopy. I had these strong reactions but all signs lab wise pointed to no. Finally my doctor told me to just stay away from it regardless of what the lab results said.
I was gluten free for almost three years when we got to Germany. A fellow lymie friend who was there the month before me, (shoutout to Vicki!!) messaged me that she had been G free out of necessity too, but was able to eat sourdough bread in France afterwards without a bad reaction!! Whooo hooo!!! I was so hopeful but not holding my breath I’d be so lucky.
If you’ve been to Germany, you know gluten is everywhere and it’s sooooo good!!! Maybe it was bad timing looking back, but I decided to jump headfirst back into gluten while there. While in the klinik, I had some tummy issues so at first I thought uh-oh, but after the first hyperthermia they improved. I was pretty cautiously optimistic, but worried that maybe gluten is different in Europe and my body would discriminate. My fear was that American gluten would still get the ’86 from my gut. It turned out not to be the case!!!
I have been “on the gluten” ever since and haven’t had any issues!!
I wonder now if there was ever really any issue with the gluten itself, or if it was maybe the sugars that go along with it? I have read that borrelia likes to feed on sugars, so who knows! I’m just so very happy that I can once again eat BREAD!! 😃😃

Here is one of our yummy gluten infested dinners we had in Germany.


2 thoughts on “TMI Time!

    1. I agree with you on that. However, I’ve been able to eat gluten since being back in the U.S. too!! I did find it interesting that over in Germany they labeled the food in the grocery store with big signs if they had G.M.O.s involved. I wish we would do that here!


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