A tour of the Klinik!

Quite a few fellow lymies are heading to the klinik in the next few months. I am putting together an English speaking patient’s guide that gives all the information I wish we had before heading over there. You know, all of the little details to make things go a little smoother and the patient more prepared!  πŸ™‚

 I have been asked quite a few times whether I used a service that charges to facilitate the treatment with the klinik. The answer to that is no. If using such a service makes you feel more comfortable, then by all means go for it. I do not feel it is necessary. I made a promise to myself that if I experienced success with the treatment, I would do all I could to help others. So keep a look out in the near future for my free guide, and in the meantime enjoy this little photo tour of the klinik from when I was there!  

The Klinik logo on the floor.  

My room number!  Things are more formal there. I was referred to as Mrs. Johnston the whole time time.      

The statue in one on the common areas. πŸ™‚  


They let you drink all the coffee and hot cocoa you want!!  Whooo hooo!!!!  

These waters are in the dining room and in your individual room. They are locally bottled and always at room temperature. 

The ground floor is Floor 0 and an American second floor is their first floor. So our room was on their first floor (2nd floor) and this is on their 2nd floor (3rd floor). This is where you check in for your daily treatments.     

This is the waiting area for the daily detox treatments. The tree was so cool because it really “snowed” into the umbrella!  

This was taken from the detox waiting room, the hallway goes into an area you where you will do tests on your first and last day.    

Same area… I just really thought the chandelier was gorgeous. πŸ™‚


This is the dining area.  

Inside the detox room. The lounge on the left is where you do your oxygen treatment and the bed on the right is the magnetic field bed. There’s an offering of magnesium/vitamin C cocktail while you treat.  

Same room just a view of one of the foot baths.  

Ground “Zero” hallway looking from the stairs. Dining hall on the right, reception desk at the end and front entrance on the left.   

This is the spot I was standing in the above picture.   

 A closer look at the statue.  

The front entryway of the klinik.   

Right when you walk in, you see a listing of all of the staff. This is the doctor board.  

Here’s the nurse board. Can you find my drug induced George Clooney lookalike ?  πŸ˜‰ 

One of the patient common areas.   

Another view.  

Patient sitting area right outside the reception counter.  

Waiting area on the third (4th) floor. Here you wait for ozone and laser therapies as well as your EKG.   

Looking into the therapy room.   

The outside of the klinik.  


The flags flying outside the klinik.   

The street side of the klinik. You drive through the arch to get to the front door. My room was one of those windows.   

The first (2nd) floor hallway. The nurses’ station is at the very end and the room you go to for cannula insertion and blood testing is a few doors closer on the right.  

Our two room keys. Don’t use them though!!  We got in trouble for locking it when we went exploring!  ;). Anybody else have the same room??   


The reason for our trip!!  The hyperthermia bed I was in!  These babies are on the first (2nd) floor with a small waiting room outside.  We didn’t have to use the waiting room because we were just down the hall. 





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