An important announcement

Please, Please, Please do not attempt hyperthermia on your own, or under the care of an unlicensed professional. I have read about many lyme sufferers attempting to raise their body temperature through saunas, etc.  Infrared saunas are great in assisting with the detox process but they are in no way safe or effective means for achieving the temperature needed to kill off borrelia. 

Our temperatures were taken quite high, but it was in a hospital setting under the direct care of physicians who have quite a lot of experience with it. We were in ICU level care during the whole procedure and recovery. Hyperthermia is illegal in the United States. That means if a health professional is performing this here, they are breaking the law and more likely than not, do not have the proper training and/or equipment. I wish America would come around on this and make it safe to do here in our own country, but as of now it’s just not. 


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