We have dates!

Yesterday was Chloe’s birthday and we all got a great present!  We heard back from the Klinik with dates for her retreatment!  June 8th – 22nd. They spoke with me a little on them doing some additional treatments such as cell therapy and fever baths.  I am going to check back in with them and… Continue reading We have dates!

The Wait

Here is an update on where we are at now.  We spoke with the klinik about getting Chloe retreated.  Our doctor here in town wondered if the seizure medication Chloe is on could have impacted the result of treatment by  some how protecting a few spirochetes in her brain. We also spoke with Chloe’s pediatric… Continue reading The Wait


We heard back from the klinik this morning and it appears we will be heading back to Germany for a second round of treatment for Chloe.  We found out that full relapses like Chloe’s are basically unheard of, so we are very hopeful that she will have success this time around!   We are working… Continue reading News