We have dates!

Yesterday was Chloe’s birthday and we all got a great present!  We heard back from the Klinik with dates for her retreatment!  June 8th – 22nd. They spoke with me a little on them doing some additional treatments such as cell therapy and fever baths.  I am going to check back in with them and see what the final decision is on that as that could require a little longer stay. They are things usually used on their cancer patients but may be beneficial for Chloe as well. 

This really brings this full circle- I think one of the first blog posts I did was counting down 15 days until departure. So here we go again with the same countdown!!  Hoping and praying Chloe has the same great results as I have had this time around!!  

5 thoughts on “We have dates!

  1. Wishing you love and all the best on this journey. You are both strong and have a great support system. Keep us posted.


  2. My boys, 15 & 19, will be at Fach Klinik during that time if you want to reach out to us we would love to hear from you.


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