The Wait

Here is an update on where we are at now. 

We spoke with the klinik about getting Chloe retreated.  Our doctor here in town wondered if the seizure medication Chloe is on could have impacted the result of treatment by  some how protecting a few spirochetes in her brain. We also spoke with Chloe’s pediatric neurologist and she also said that may have had an impact. She gave us a schedule to take Chloe off of the meds if the klinik decides we need to have her off for this next round. 

We emailed the klinik asking their opinion on the medication being a factor. We are just waiting now to hear back. We really hope we hear back soon, as we would like to go just as soon as possible. Chloe is starting high school in the fall and we would like her to be as healthy and as recovered as possible before school starts.  Even though her seizures have returned, she muscled through and did make the cheerleading squad!  So that will require her to be healthy by August too!!  Way to go Chloe!!!  She is the toughest girl I know!!!  We are going to kick this lyme right out of her!!!!   Just as soon as we hear back, we are heading right over!!!!!  


4 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. Congrats to chole on cheerleading! My boys and I are heading to Germany, fach klinik, in two weeks. I’d love to talk with you if possible 415-710-1605


  2. I am in conversations with the klinik to attend in June as well. I hope to maybe get to meet you and Chloe while I am there. Your blog is the reason I am going. I would love to exchange emails with you. Can you please send me a note so that I can ask just a couple of questions? I promise not to bombard you. Thank you and I hope you hear from the klinik SOON!


  3. Hi Shannon and Chloe, sending you both my very best wishes for a speedy and positive outcome. Aren’t these young people so brave? My granddaughter now has a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so proud of her as you are with your Chloe, Shannon. If good thoughts and wishes work from so far away, you have so many coming to you both from Australia.


  4. Hello Shannon, Thinking of you both, looking forward to hearing what the clinic says, best wishes, Bronwyn


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